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This Active Gallery is my continuing work, some old, mostly new and added to on a regular basis. Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

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Gannett in flight from Bempton Cliffs, Yorkshire. Sunrise at Hawes Water, Silverdale, Cumbria. Gallery

The Gallery is free standing and based on the Coppermine programme which offers the visitor many options of how to view and in what order. A slide show option is also available together with a simple method of rating the pictures if you wish. Your comments are also welcome.

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Brayton Barff

My home turf. Only a few hundred yards from our home, the Barff is a small woodland which we visit at least twice a day with our dogs. It is home to much wildlife, flora and fauna, and produces a number of spectacular displays. The bluebells of April and May are special, although the annual displays of fungi during almost every months of the year are also worth searching for. The fungi display during 2012 was probably the best I can remember. The rain probably helped!.


Albums from some of our family Holidays and places including Brayton Barff which is my local woodland haunt. These galleries include many nature and landscape shots and flora and fauna found in the immediate locality. This Locations category includes:

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Embleton Bay, Northumberland

Embleton Bay, Northumberland.